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One day I will write why all software I produce is released with free license, where free is like in speech, not like in beer…

I’m really thankful to Framasoft for the free service they provide with a completely free GitLab server.

All my software and reasearch code is available at my Framasoft Gitlab page.

My PhD

I develop all my research in a public repo

Created at: 1 october 2018 - Last activity at: almost every day

Source Code


This is the source code and documentation for ASMD, a python framework for compiling datasets used in Music Information Retrieval. You can find the paper here.

Created at: 20 June 2019 - Last activity at: almost every day

Source Code


Melody identification in symbolic scores

This is the companion code of my publication A Convolutional Approach to Melody Line Identification in Symbolic Scores.

It is based on theano, so it’s old and if I were you, I would reimplement it in PyTorch or Tensorflow. But, well, you can find all the specifications and use it to compare with other methods (if any exists).

Created at: 1 July 2018 - Last activity at: 21 October 2019

Source Code

Predatory Battle

A python script which takes as input a BibTeX file and checks a few lists of predatory journals to detect possible predatory publications. The lists are automatically updated every 30 days.

Created at: 1 December 2018 - Last activity at: 28 December 2018

Source Code


AltInt-Italian is a keyboard layout specifically designed for Italian programmers. It is derived from the classic US layout with the international extensions but makes even more easy to type the accented letters.

Created at: 8 September 2018 - Last activity at: 26 November 2018

Source Code


A Public Domain Leadsheet Dataset. It contains the python script used to create the dataset. Thus, you can recreate the whole Enhanced Wikifonia Leadsheet Dataset.

Created at: 7 September 2018 - Last activity at: 7 September 2018

Source Code

Face Recognition

A C++ reimplementation of Munawar Hayat, Mohammed Bennamoun, Amar A. El-Sallam, An RGB–D based image set classification for robust face recognition from Kinect data, Neurocomputing, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.neucom.2015.07.027.

Created at: 7 September 2018 - Last activity at: 7 September 2018

Source Code


A python module to build parallel music computing application and to make easier storing and restoring music21 objects.

Created at: 2 September 2018 - Last activity at: 2 September 2018

Source Code